• Classification of activities

Classification of activities - 19 Feb, 2013

Classification of activities

Classify each of the following transactions as arising from an operating (O), investing (I), financing (F), or noncash investing/financing (N) activity.

a. Received $80,000 from the sale of land.

b. Received $3,200 from cash sales.

c. Paid a $5,000 dividend.

d. Purchased $8,800 of merchandise for cash.

e. Received $100,000 from the issuance of common stock.

f. Paid $1,200 of interest on a note payable.

g. Acquired a new laser printer by paying $650.

h. Acquired a $400,000 building by signing a $400,000 mortgage note.

Category : Financial Accounting

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Answer  - 19 Feb, 2013
Operating activities are related to the operations of the firm. Investing a....

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