• FAQ

1. How to use this site ?

The site provides solution to various questions in the area of financial management, financial accounting, cost and management accounting. The purpose of the solutions is to explains how problems are to be worked out. The solutions are not a substitute for doing your own homework. The solutions are to be used as an aid to learning and are not to be submitted for any academic requirements.

2. How can I download a solution ?

 The site requires the use of credits to download a solution. You can buy credits using the manage credit option.


3. Do the credits have an expiry date ?

 Credits are valid for three months from the date purchased. Once the validity period is over, the credits cannot be used.


4. What if there is any error in the solution ?

 While we take all care in preparing the solutions, in case of any error, we would refund the credits used by you in downloading the solutions.


5. Can credits be refunded ?

 Credits are nonrefundable and once purchased can only be used for downloading solutions and cannot be redeemed for cash.

6. How are solutions prepared ?

 Solutions are prepared by a team of tutors at different times and uploaded.


7. Do solutions use current information ?

 Solutions use information at the time the solution is prepared. The solution then remains live and is not changed.


8. If I do not find my question ?

 If your desired solution is not available, you can use Ask Question tab to send us the question details. We would get back to you.

 9. What subjects you provide solutions ?

 Presently solutions are available in the areas of financial management, financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting.

10. If I need any clarification on the solution, can I get it ?

Yes, please use the ask query option which is available below the answer for any feedback/clarification on the question.

 If you any other question to ask, please use the contact us tab and we would revert with the answer.